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How To Medical rfe response time: 6 Strategies That Work

The USCIS only allows an RFE response if they receive it three days after the deadline, as a grace period. This is listed in the Policy Manual, chapter 6. Despite this grace period, you should avoid being too close to the deadline because if they do not receive the RFE on time your case will be considered abandoned.Approximately 2 To 4 Weeks After Filing. I-485 Processing Time After Medical Rfe 2024. If you don't receive a response or update within 94 days since uscis originally sent you the rfe, it's a good. That's interesting, how long has been since your biometrics when you received the rfe, the fastest i have seen cases approved are around 7 months ...I just sent back my RFE which was a new Medical Exam, and I would like to know your experience of how long to get a decision or approved after sending back your i-485 RFE. I heard that some people got approved in 2-4 days after sending back the RFE and sometimes 2 weeks or more, is that true? even though the USCIS have 60 days or more.However thats not always going to be the case. Last year my now-husband and I got an RFE for the I-129F and it never updated to "Response to USCIS' Request for Evidence Was Received". It took 46 days to change to "Case was Approved". Its been nearly a year since we got an RFE and Case Tracker still has it sitting in the "RFE Mailed" status. But ...Upon receiving an RFE, you will typically have a period of 30 to 90 days to respond with the requested information. USCIS will only provide a final decision on your green card application after receiving and reviewing the required information. Dealing with an RFE can add several weeks or even months to the decision-making process.Enter your one-time password in the box and select "Submit." If you have not received your password after 10 minutes, select "request a new one-time password." Step 2: Select "File a Form Online." Step 3: Complete all sections of your form. We may reject your form if you leave a field blank or if you do not sign your form.Medical RFE response : r/USCIS.     TOPICS. Go to USCIS. r/USCIS. r/USCIS. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the government agency that oversees lawful immigration to the United States. This subreddit is not affiliated with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services or the Federal Government of the United States.In most cases, the standard processing time is 60 days, though the actual processing time can be anywhere from 15 days to 80 days depending on the adjudicator’s workload. If you haven’t received a response within 60 days of responding to your RFE, you should call USCIS customer service to check on the status of your application. Source ...Assemble your response to the RFE in the same order that USCIS listed the evidence. The original copy of the RFE should be the first page of your response. Next, it is a good idea to include a cover letter that lists all the information that the USCIS officer reviewing your response will find in your RFE response packet.Response to Medical Form I-693 RFE. I-130 & I-485 (AOS) Hello all, You all have helped me before when I was going through my Removal of Condition and my US Citizenship. After my experience with USCIS and being done, I turned around to start AOS for my parents. We have filed all the applications for their AOS back in Feb 2022.I applied for i485 in march 2020. I received medical rfe in late october 2020. USCIS received my response on November 17th 2020. I believe my case is still with NBC. Anyone knows how long do they typically take to approve the application after RFE response?I-485 RFE (Medical Examination Report) Hey guys my PD is Sept 21, 2020 for I 485, I-130 and I-765. We had a lawyer fill out the paperwork ($2,800) but as soon as we paid she became unresponsive/unhelpful with further matters relating to our situation. We received an RFE originally back in Dec '20 due to her not submitting the Affidavit of ...An RFE, or Request for Evidence, is a way for USCIS to request additional documentation or clarification on certain aspects of your I-485 application. It's not a denial, but rather a request for more information to make a well-informed decision. An RFE will specify what evidence is needed and will give a deadline for the response after rfe for i 485. hello, I submitted rfe for I 485 under eb1 on July 6. it has been 100 days and I still have not gotten decision. when I ask Emma they say it's within normal processing time. my application is in my local office San Jose. app shows I am number 3 in queue since more than 10 days and nothing has moved. don't ...Dear friend, please file RFE for every 30 days that you dont receive a response to your RFE. After 3 months aka three service requests unanswered, they schedule you for callback. It basically makes the waiting easier, and the repeated SRs might poke the sleeping officer awake.It should go without saying, but you must respond on time. Missing the deadline will most likely result in a denial. Don't be late. Remember to make a copy of the RFE and all evidence for your own records. You'll need to return the original Request for Evidence with your response. Mail the response package to the address specified on the RFE.My husband's I-130 however is still stuck in "Response received". When I called USCIS about a month ago to see what was up, the officer I spoke to told me that they didn't need anything else, he didn't see any issues and to "bear with them", but it's been over 150 days since the RFE was posted as received and we've had 0 news.RFE Medical: 08/14/2023 RFE Response Received: 09/19/2023 comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. AutoModerator • ... PD Dec 2022 medical rfe received Jul 21 2023 no update since and my case is at NBC Reply Automatic_Thought_71 ...Medical RFE for I485, over 60 days and no response. I-130 & I-485 (AOS) I have I485 application submitted on Feb 19. I did my finger print on April 27. Received medical RFE on August 10. Received by August 20. It is almost 60 days and didn’t hear anything. What can be done at this point?The fax goes to the whoever was listed on the I-907, usually the attorney. The snail mail goes to both the attorney and the employer. Once USCIS receives the response they have another 15 days to issues a final decision. Specialty Occupation is the most common RFE and usually relates to the specific SOC code. 2.I-485 (General) I've received medical RFE 1/12/23 and my response has been delivered 1/31/23 but my case still not updated, and in my online account I still have notification. "Review the notice we sent and respond with the requested evidence by Sunday, April 9, 2023 at 9:00 p.m. PDT". I have sent an inquiry about and received a response:Brooklyn FO: EB I-485 approval time after medical RFE. Timeline Request. Hello mighty Reddit community, I received my medical RFE - Form I-693 from the USCIS Brooklyn FO. This was mailed on Aug 11th, I got it in hand on Aug 15th and mailed back the response to USCIS which they received on Aug 19th. I have not seen any updates on myAccount for ...Most I-485 RFEs are the Result of an Insufficient Form I-864. Based on our experience, most green card applicants who receive an I-485 RFE, receive it because they lacked a strong Form I-864, Affidavit of Support. For the vast majority of family-based applications, Form I-864 is required to overcome the public charge ground of inadmissibility.A. Results of the Medical ExaminationThe physician must annotate the results of the examination on the following forms: ... A response to an RFE is acceptable if it is completed by a civil surgeon in one of the following ways: ... the only acceptable edition of Form I-693 is the edition in use at the time the civil surgeon signs the Form I-693 ...On April 18th I received my RFE in the mail for my medical exam. I scheduled an exam and went on April 25th. Friday, April 28th I sent my RFE response back. I paid for the fastest and most secure way to send it. Obviously it made it there on Saturday, April 29th but they were closed. It says that they will deliver it again on May 1st at 10:30 am.Feb 1, 2023 · If you miss either of these steps, you might receive an RFE notification and miss the response deadline before you even have a chance to open it. The amount of time you're given to an RFE will largely depend on the level of difficulty surrounding the requirements of the request. Most applicants are given between 30 and 84 days to submit a response. 1. Missing Initial Evidence. If you failed to provide any documents, forms, or other evidence necessary to prove that you’re eligible for a marriage-based green card, you will likely get an RFE. And that’s a good thing—certainly preferable over USCIS outright denying an application that was missing required initial evidence. 2. 04/21/2022 - Petitioner (spouse with GC) submitted I-130. I-130 Timeline. 12/14/2022 - Spouse became citizen and we added form I-485 to the previously filed I-130. I-485 Timeline. I submitted medical RFE a week after I received it. It was received on July 17th, 2023. The green mark appeared on August 22, 2023.For visitors, travel, student and other international travel medical insurance. Visit or call +1 (866) INSUBUY or +1 (972) 985-4400 Home » US Immigration » Birth Certificate » Sample Response to Birth Certificate RFEUpon receiving an RFE, a petitioner has a limited time to respond. The response deadline will be indicated in the RFE and is typically between 30 and 90 days. Once an RFE has been issued, all work on the case is halted—so a prompt response is important. Failure to respond by the given deadline will likely result in denial.Previously, this Form I-693 could be submitted any time after the I-485, Adjustment of Status was submitted but before the adjudication of that immigration benefit. ... If you have already submitted your I-485 and received an RFE to submit your medical reports, USCIS encourages you to submit your I-693 immediately to avoid any processing delays ...In today’s world, medical couriers are an essential part of the healthcare industry. They provide a vital service by ensuring that medical supplies, specimens, and documents are de...Medical lab technologists play a crucial role in the healthcare industry. They are responsible for conducting various laboratory tests and procedures to assist physicians in diagno...In April 2010, USCIS launched the Request for Evidence (RFE) Project, an initiative to review and revise our Service Center RFE templates. Through continuous engagement with USCIS stakeholders, this project is producing RFE templates that are: Clear and concise. Adaptable to the facts and needs of individual cases.Processing time after responding to Medical RFE. Hi all, I applied for an EB2-NIW with AOS (concurrent filing) in Dec 2020. I got the NIW approved in April 2022 and received a medical RFE on June 15. I sent my medicals in and saw that they were delivered on Friday, although my case status has not yet been updated to indicate this (understandably).For my client, we had an RFE on the I-485, which was solely for the medical. Our response to this RFE was on its own cover letter, separate from the response to the I-130 RFE. While both filed in same envelope, it was two different responses. Status for the I-485 was updated to show they received the RFE response.The average RFE response processing time is 90 days. RFE premium processing time is 15 Days with virtually no time limit for regular applications. USCIS Request for Evidence Review - RFE processing times vary widely with each case individually. H1B RFE and L1 visa RFE are the most common but, can be made in any visa application type.I live in New York and received my medical RFE from NYC FO on September 8 (two weeks ago). The letter told me to submit my medical by December 8 but advised me to mail it as soon as possible by September 30 if I want to save my spot for this fiscal year.Citizenship RFE response time . N-400 (Citizenship) I had my citizenship interview on Jan 12th, 2021 and got a letter to submit more evidence. I submitted all the required documents online as well as by mail. The website says 'estimated case completion time is July 2021' . ... Processing time after responding to medical RFE ...U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is extending certain COVID-19-related flexibilities through March 23, 2023. Under these flexibilities, USCIS considers a response received within 60 calendar days after the due date set forth in the following requests or notices before taking any action, if the request or notice was issued between March 1, 2020, and March 23, 2023, inclusive:Medical RFE for I485, over 60 days and no response. I-130 & I-485 (AOS) I have I485 application submitted on Feb 19. I did my finger print on April 27. Received medical RFE on August 10. Received by August 20. It is almost 60 days and didn’t hear anything. What can be done at this point?Medical RFE Sent 4 Months ago and no response. What can I do? Immigrant Medical Exam. Everything from my process was approved (i130, i131, i765) except from my i485. I got a Medical RFE in October 2022 and I sent it right away. It's been almost 4 months now and nothing has changed in the website. They did not update it saying the RFE was ...LAKSHMI NANDIVADA Jan 20, 2022. They say 60 days from the day of response recieved or 94 days from the RFE issued date. I am in the same bucket and 52 days as of today. still waiting. d. danx z Jan 20, 2022. Well, good luck to all of us. P. Paritosh Koirala Jan 20, 2022.RFE Meaning. A USCIS Form I-797E, Request for Evidence (RFE), is exactly what it sounds like—a request made by USCIS for additional evidence that is necessary to determine the outcome of your application. This does not mean that your application has been or will be denied; it simply means that the USCIS officer needs more information.5 Months After Responding to Medical RFE, the Status Changed to Case Is Being Actively Reviewed By USCIS I-485 (General) After submitting medicals via RFE in early …Don’t forget to note the deadline provided in the RFE. USCIS immigration procedures are strict, and failing to respond in time could lead to a denial of your application. So, keep your response succinct, include a cover letter if necessary, and most importantly, submit it before the deadline. Effective RFE Response StrategiesI received Medical I-693 RFE on 09/07/2021 on my I-485 AOS application and we responded to the RFE by submitting the sealed envelope with I-693 on 09/21/2021. But my online case status still continues to say "Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken". That has been the status since fingerprinting was done back in April 2021.I-485 Decision after Medical RFE response Submitted. Like this thread 0 0. Watch this thread Start a new thread Add a post. Thread is empty. Showing 1 to 0 of 0 rows. Source: CompareRemit. Any idea how many days it take for USCIS to review and decide after we submit medical RFE?So my wife is a Green Card holder, submitted i485 since June 27,2022, took finger prints on July 27, 2022. Medical Rfe issued on March 14th,2023 and USCIS received my reply on March 29,2023. Is there hope that sometime soon I can receive an interview or maybe same to be waived? Greetings from NYCBefore sending your RFE response for the Adjust of Status application, review all your documents to make sure they meet the requirements specified in the RFE and that they are accurate and complete. 6. Send Your Response. Send your RFE response package to the address provided by USCIS. It’s recommended to use a traceable mail carrier to ...Yes, I received a RFE in January, with the "response received" date as Feb 22. Now it changed to Sept 27 2023. I asked an agent through Emma, and he just told me to make an e-request and then disconnected immediately lol. Mine says that they got my RFE evidence (just for Medical) on 9/1/2023, then after two weeks, it says it got received on 9 ...I received Medical I-693 RFE on 09/07/2021 on my I-485 AOS application and we responded to the RFE by submitting the sealed envelope with I-693 on 09/21/2021. But my online case status still continues to say "Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken". That has been the status since fingerprinting was done backThe maximum response time for an RFE continues to be 12 weeks and 30 days for a NOID. The rule precludes extensions of time to submit evidence beyond the 12-week maximum limit. To submit initial evidence that the form requires the applicant or petitioner to file. To submit evidence that Form I-539 (extension of stay or change in status) requires.pgn77-tav. •. My I485 got approved in 5 days after uscis confirmed receipt of the medical. They asked for I693 medical on December 6th I mailed the medical on December 11th to the local office. And they confirmed they received it the next day on Dec 12th. On Dec 17th they approved my I485. Reply reply. Haneeeeef.Timeframe for Response. The maximum response time for an RFE is 12 weeks (84 days); regulations prohibit officers from granting additional time to respond to …When you receive an RFE requesting your Form I-693, it is essential to act promptly. You can return your completed RFE response to the address specified on the RFE notice. USCIS accepts responses through various methods, including: Mail: You can send your response via regular mail or opt for expedited services like overnight or priority mail. ADMIN MOD. RFE I-693 MEDICAL response to NBC. Hi! I submitted my AOS (i485) & it was received sept 29,2022. My I130 was approved dec 2021... ( I switched from consular processing to AOS in Sept, 2022 ) On March 23,2023 I was asked to submit my medical and mail it to NBC. I submitted it last week & my status changed on April 3 to “RFE RECEIVED ... Reply reply. r/USCIS. r/USCIS. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the government agency that oversees lawful immigration to the United States. This subreddit is not affiliated with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services or the Federal Government of the United States.Medical billing is an essential part of healthcare, but it can be a complex and time-consuming process. Fortunately, there are solutions available to streamline the process and mak...So I think the only way we know is when another step is taken and they update that step, like sending another RFE, approved or denied, a notice was sent, etc. I would never send anything without assurance they received it either by certified mail or by carrier tracking for the very reason that we receive no confirmation from USCIS. 2.Got RFE from another Field office. We live in Virginia, but few days ago my wife got an RFE (medical) from Tucson (AZ) field office. Our local FO is in Norfolk. They also gave only 1 month time to respond, which is quite tight, we probably barely can have things finished with Civil surgeon by that time, given the thanksgiving in between. Response Received Date Changed (Medical RFE) I-130 &GC Estimate approval time after RFE. Hi Folks! I have just submitte We have submitted the I-485 and I-130 on June, 2021 (Marriage based from Permanent Resident). We got temporary EAD on Dec, 2021. Now, it is going to expire as well on December 2023. We got a RFE for Medical on June 25, 2023. We submitted the I-693 on July 5, 2023 and it was delivered as well (through tracking of USPS). Getting I-693 Ready and Waiting for Interview/RF Medical RFE from Field Office. Like this thread 0 0. Watch this thread Start a new thread Add a post. Thread is empty. Showing 1 to 0 of 0 rows. Source: CompareRemit. Its a thread in parallel of the similar one for NBC cases. People who got medical RFE from FO and waiting for the next step, please share your timeline here as.Oscar Marin Oct 28, 2021. From the data I have seen, for most cases it takes under 30 days to get the GC approved after the receipt notice for the medicals when the RFE … When it’s time to replace your mattress, you ...

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RFE “Response received” date changed on website from February to June 2022. I-130 & I-485 (AOS) ... Thank you for yo...


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jajaja13579. • 2 yr. ago. im pretty sure theyre gonna say you are well within the normal processing time. its normal for them ...


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Sort by: Practical_Average150. •. USCIS recommends sending medical record along with I485 in the recent FAQs. Just remember tha...


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USPS delivered my medical to the USCIS on 08/23/2023. USCIS "received" it on 09/01/2023. No approval yet, 3 months since. Alt...


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After you obtain your processing time, a tool will appear to help you determine whether you can contact us with questions about your...

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